Thank you for contacting Latitude Margaritaville and inquiring about our Broker participation program. We are appreciative of the response to what we know is the most unique 55 and better community in the country. We are experiencing an unprecedented demand for our homes with over 100,000 customers currently registered.

Therefore, in an effort to be fair to the customers who have pre-registered, and to those who are planning to attend the opening day sales event, we have committed to release 300+ homesites for purchase on a "first-come, first-serve basis."

Our Broker participation, just as our sales release process, necessitates a process to ensure a level of fairness for all. For the Pre-Release Sales Event and until further notice, a Broker will receive a flat fee of $1,000, paid at closing, provided the Broker has properly registered the customer/client.

For a Broker’s Registration to be deemed proper, the Broker must adhere to the following:

  • For the Pre-Release Sales Event: The Broker must be present and with the Customer at the time he/she signs the Reservation Agreement on November 13th, 2017.
  • Sales after the Pre-Release Sales Event: The Broker must accompany the Customer/Client on the Customer’s/Client’s FIRST visit to the Sales Center.
  • While at the Sales Center, be listed on the Customer’s Registration card, by the Customer, as the designated Broker.

There will be no exceptions to this format due to the sheer number of registrants.

We encourage our Brokers to contact their customers and accompany them to the Sales Center as it will be an experience to remember! We look forward to seeing you. Fins Up!