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Beverly Jane Berg

Beverly Jane

The efficiency and friendliness of each person involved in the entire process made the purchase go smoothly and was a pleasant and exciting process.
My sales person was always very helpful and available to ask questions and address various issues as they came along.

Margaret Richardson


I love Latitude Margaritaville because of my neighbors. Friendship, the fun we have, Florida, the sunshine. I love everything about my new community.

Mary Ann Peltz

Mary Ann

Bryan was awesome from start to finish. He has been helpful, during and after the home building process. He is definitely an asset to Minto. Cheri Tindell always goes the extra mile, and has always been a pleasure to work with. Minto is a class act!

Cesar Nieves Jr

Nieves Jr

All of the updates during the building process and as well as the quality of the home and the attention to detail during the construction phase.
Very knowledgable and sought advice from other departments when not 100% sure of the questions that might have come up about any of the process of selecting options / upgrades or the construction phase.

Roger Bryon Eckenrode

Roger Bryon

Staff was very informative, friendly and helpful. Having never built a home before, we had questions and all were answered for us.

Dennis D Simon

Dennis D

We live in MA and I could always rely on our builder to quickly respond to any concerns

Michael Vidolin


From Matt and Kelley in sales to Karen in design and our building supervisor Bryan, the people with whom we have worked were equally and consistently wonderful to work with.

John Andrew  Garcia

John Andrew

How we build meeting was well worth the trip and time off..

Matt was a pleasure and a Godsend especially since we were not in the area.

Jack Henry Atkinson Jr.

Jack Henry
Atkinson Jr.

My salesman (Sy Wolfe) was knowledgeable and friendly - always answered all questions promptly. My builder (Kevin Hussey) took his time to explain everything and always responded quickly when we had questions. He was very straight forward and honest with regard to the building process. I just liked feeling that we were in good hands from the initial sale through the move in.

William Charles Copper

Charles Copper

We are absolutely delighted with our home and the follow-up we have received from Jesse Figueroa. We are HUGE fans and will keep spreading the word about our awesome Minto home and neighborhood.

Karen Goodwin


Going above and beyond. Checking things in my home not on my list....things I wouldn't even think of on my own. No issues when things need to be fixed. Just a "we'll get that done" and it is. It's like we don't have to worry about anything because we know if anything is an issue, it won't be for long.

Ernie Lee Addison

Ernie Lee

The support and patience provided by our sales contact, Sy Wolf, was very much appreciated during the decision phase continuing through the option selections. We really liked the weekly updates provided by Graeme Whelan. He was consistent with them and very forthright.

Douglas C. Allen

Douglas C.

This is the first new home I have built. Meeting Bryan Driggers during construction was the best experience. He explained the building process and easily cleared up any confusion I had. Sy Wolf was also amazing. Meeting him, touring, and explaining to me the difference between standalone homes and villas really helped with the overall decision. Also, why wouldn't you want to live here?

Bonnie Marie Urbanski

Bonnie Marie

I was living in south FL so was able to come up regularly to observe progress. All the key building events happened within the time frame I was given...for example, when the slab would be poured, etc. Closing was within the window initially given. I found my builder Eric to be very accommodating with my questions and his follow up if he needed to investigate.

John Robert Aitcheson

John Robert

My builder, Jimmy kept me up to date throughout build and excellent follow up after closing.

Laura Hains was always there to answer our questions and answered emails quickly even on her off days or after hours. Always had a big smile and hug when we saw her.

Douglas Edward Haddad

Douglas Edward

Well informed throughout the entire process.

Linda D became very close to us as we moved through the process, she is still our go to person to this day. Trust and knowledge are the big factors

The testimonials displayed are those of actual residents of Latitude Margaritaville and not paid testimonials. The statements solely reflect their individual experiences and may not be the same for everyone.